How To Support Us

Financial Support.   We thank the Lord for all of our supporters.  We would not be able to be here without the many faithful supporters who are teaming with us.

There are two easy ways to send us support.  Directions on how to make a pledge are noted below.  If you have any questions, you can call the ZEMA office at 847-872-7363. 

**Donations made payable to ZEMA are tax deductible.**

1. Visit ZEMA’s webpage at to donate online.

          1.  Click on “Donate” 

          2.  Click on “Give Securely Online” 

          3.  “Missionary Support” (on the left under ‘donations’)

          4.  Select Jon and Lauren Emanuelson

          5.  Click on “Give a Recurring Gift” or “Give a One Time Gift”

          6.  Select amount, frequency & payment method


2.  Click Automatic Debit Form to print a donation form to mail to ZEMA.

          1.  Print & Fill Out Donation Form (Indicate “Emanuelson” on the form)

          2.  Mail to:  ZEMA,  P.O. Box 727,  Zion,  IL  60099

Thank you!


One response to “How To Support Us

  1. Trudi Johnson

    Hi Jon and Lauren. Could you give me a call at 847-331-5458. I’d like to talk to you about your upcoming trip! Thanks!

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