Discipleship Class Begins in Ethembeni

We are very excited that God has opened the door for teaching His word in the village of Ethembeni!

The Road to Ethembeni

The Road to Ethembeni

To refresh your memory, the idea for starting this class began with a visit to a hospital. Last year, a local amaZioni leader, Pastor Lankethi, asked me to go with him to visit his nephew at the hospital. After sharing the good news about Jesus with him there, it seemed that others in the ward were interested too, so we shared the gospel with them all. As a result, one person there wanted to put his faith in Christ. His name was Mr. Pete and he was from the village of Ethembeni. A few weeks later, Mr. Pete called us wanting us to visit his cousin who was very ill. We went and explained the gospel to this frail young lady. After listening, she wanted to put her faith in Christ too. Sadly, she did pass away soon after. During a visit to her family we explained the gospel and a few more people responded by putting their in faith in Christ. At that time, Pastor Lankethi and I began the process of trying to start a discipleship class there in Ethembeni.

Pastor Lankethi and Jon Teaching

Pastor Lankethi and Jon Teaching

We knew an amaZioni pastor who lives there, named Mr. Roji. Pastor Roji attends one of the Zion Evangelical Bible Schools. With his help, we started to contact a council of leaders in the village. Although the class didn’t start as soon as we planned, it was all in the Lord’s timing. A few months ago, we received news that Mr. Pete had passed away. During a visit to his family we shared the gospel again and one lady responded by putting her faith in Christ. As a word of comfort, we explained how meeting Mr. Pete had opened the door for us to be starting a discipleship class in their village.

Pastor Roji Outside Our "This We Believe" Class

Pastor Roji Outside Our “This We Believe” Class

The class is now in its fifth week. So far, Jon has taught about the history of the amaZioni churches, the inspiration and authority of the Bible, the Biblical teaching of God (his attributes and the fact that He is one God who exists in the three persons of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), a lesson focusing on Jesus – the eternal Son of God, and most recently, a lesson focusing just on the Holy Spirit. We still have many more lessons to go so please pray that God will use Jon to explain the Bible well and invite people to turn from their sins and to put their faith in Jesus.

Ethembeni "This We Believe" Class

Ethembeni “This We Believe” Class

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