Easter Weekend 2013

As missionaries to the amaZioni, the Easter weekend presents us with a wonderful ministry opportunity because it is very common for different amaZioni church branches to come together for the whole weekend.  The first opportunity we had took place on Friday, when Luaan and I were able to visit a church in a village called Lloyd.  Luaan was able to explain the gospel here. Pastor September, a leader of this church, went through the This We Believe discipleship class a few years ago which was taught by Luaan.  It was great spending much of the day with them on Friday. 

Then, on Saturday we had the opportunity to visit a church that was started by a Zion Evangelical Bible School (ZEBS) graduate.  This church meets in a township called Ezibeleni. On our way to this location, we stopped for a while just outside a small town called Cathcart.  We visited a Pastor named Mr. Mponde, who is teaching ZEBS classes in the Cape Town area, but travelled up to this part of the country to visit a church branch.  After a short meeting we continued on our way to Ezibeleni.  After arriving, I was able to share a message from Mathew 24 about being ready for Christ’s return.  We also played a portion of the Jesus film.  As we were eating a meal, the ZEBS graduate was telling us of his appreciation for his Bible training at ZEBS.  This was very encouraging. 

After spending time with the church in Ezibeleni we then went off to visit a church in a village near a town called Kieskammahook.  A leader here named Tata Voor Voor seems to be someone who really fears the Lord and is always seeking Biblical teaching.  After showing a portion of the Jesus film, Luaan and I were both able to encourage them with the word of God.  Though the road in the village was extremely muddy due to much rain, we eventually made it back onto the main road.  It actually rained for much of the weekend, which caused us to have to cancel a planned church visit for Sunday.  Thank you for your on-going prayers. 

Showing the Jesus Film in Kieskammahook

Showing the Jesus Film in Kieskammahook

To close this Easter update, let us dwell richly on these words of Jesus:

“I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” (John 11:25-26)

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