Kicking Off 2013!

We are so thankful to be starting another year here, ministering among the amaZioni in South Africa. We thank the Lord for those among the amaZioni people who are hungry to listen to the word of God. Continue to pray for them that they will grow firmly like the seeds that fell on the good soil that Jesus described in his parable which yielded a crop, “some a hundredfold, some sixty and some thirty” (Matthew 13:8).


ZEMA Missionary Conference

Earlier this month, we attended the Annual ZEMA Missionary Conference just north of Durban. We were grateful for safe travels during the 10 hour drive. It was nice seeing and catching up with other ZEMA missionaries that are spread across southern Africa ministering to the amaZioni. Hearing how God is at work among the amaZioni through all the missionaries and those helping them is a wonderful way to start the year. We also were blessed to celebrate our 5 year anniversary while in Durban.


Excited For A New Year

Looking ahead to this year, I (Jon) am excited to be teaching now at the Bible Schools. It is a challenge but a very good one. It will really help me with better learning the Xhosa language as I prepare and give the lessons. Pray for me, that the Lord will help me to be an effective teacher of the Bible, and one who really cares for those who attend.Along with meeting all the demands of being a mom, Lauren is doing a great job helping with all kinds of things organizationally. Just recently she helped organized a new record keeping system that will really help with printing certificates and diplomas. This type of work is such an important part of the ministry. Pray for her, that the pregnancy continues to go well. Liesl is enjoying life and is looking forward to being a big sister.

Also, it is so great to have the Goosen’s back from their furlough. It is a blessing being able to work with them, and to learn from their expertise in this ministry.  Pray for them that they will have a great start back on the field.

Thank you again for your partnership. We hope it brings you great encouragement to hear about a little of what the Lord is doing here through this ministry.

Click here to view our 2013 February Prayer Calendar


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