Zion Evangelical Bible School Graduation 2012

I recently asked a 2012 ZEBS graduate, Pastor Moses Vellem, to share with me his testimony and how the Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS) has been helpful to him.  Below is what he wrote for me in English even though it is not his first language.  Now that he has graduated, he is planning to do an Advanced Ministry Studies course through Dumisani Theological Institute.  Pray for him as he studies, that God would continue to help him grow in his understanding of the Bible.

Pastor Moses Vellem

Pastor Moses Vellem

I am Moses Vellem, a pastor of a Zion Church. I am a born again Christian.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior in 1995 at Johannesburg.  I was in a religious family and my father was a bishop in our church.  I was elected to be a pastor in 1996 (April). I never got any formal training for that work and I was assisted by my father in certain things.  When he passed away in 1997 it was very difficult because the congregation expected me to do the pastoral work.  I did some correspondence courses in some Bible Schools including the one in Cape Town and that did not work.

In 2009 (January) Pastor Goosen came to Queenstown with ZEBS and I attended.  The first thing that was emphasized was the importance of the Word of God.  Everything with me changed for the better because of the in depth education I got from the teachers at ZEBS.  Today I am more equipped on how to conduct myself as a child of God, how to run a church, how to preach and a lot of things that I lacked before.  Above all I love Jesus more than myself and the Holy Spirit continues to help me grow in the Word of God through ZEBS.  I am doing the fourth year now and with God’s help I would like to continue learning more about God and doing His work.

I thank God for bringing Pastor Goosen and his staff to us.  They have changed our lives as the leaders and students in our Zion churches.  God is wonderful.

M.M. Vellem (Bishop)

Graduation Pictures

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