A Great Day of Ministry

Qamata Bible School Class

October 14 was a great day.  Along with having a Bible School meeting, we were invited to attend a night service held by Tata Sweni, an amaZioni pastor who graduated from Zion Evangelical Bible School, ZEBS, last year.  The Bible school was held in the area called Qamata, which is about a two and a half hour drive from King William’s Town.  It is the most rural ZEBS class in the Eastern Cape. 

Pastor Lankethi and Pastor Tobani

 We held classes in a ronta (a circular house with a thatched roof), located on a hill top.  The class went very well.  Along with Pastor Lankethi and Pastor Tobani (ZEBS teachers), a young man being trained in ministry, Mr. Sindisa, came along to learn about the school.  

Outside Qamata Bible School

Outside Our Classroom

After class, we proceeded to drop off two students, Pastor and Mrs. Zinakile, at their home.  They invited us to come in for tea and we gladly accepted.  As a gift, Pastor Zinakile wanted to give us a chicken to take with us.  What was funny was that it was my birthday that day, so he unknowingly gave me a birthday present. 

amaZioni All-Night Service

After this we headed toward the venue for the amaZioni all-night service.  Since several other amaZioni churches were planning to be in attendance, Pastor Zinakile invited us to share the Word of God and explain about the Bible Schools.  It did indeed turn out to be a great opportunity.  I was able to share a sermon in Xhosa, Pastor Thobani shared about the schools and Mr. Sindisa found several opportunities to share the gospel with young people there outside of the building. 

amaZioni All-Night Service

amaZioni All-Night Service

Thank you for your ongoing prayers.  They are effective and greatly appreciated.

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