Sharing About ZEMA and Zion Evangelical Bible Schools

2012 REAP Conference

REAP Conference Seminar

Last month, we were invited to attend an evangelical conference called REAP, which stands for Revival, Evangelism And Prayer.  It was a three day conference held on a farm near Queenstown.   The time was devoted to focusing on the word of God as several well-known guest speakers came to preach and teach.  It was such an encouraging time for us and was a great opportunity to meet people.  Introducing ourselves as missionaries to the amaZioni sparked some interest from some in attendance.  As a result we made some significant contacts of ministers who are interested in reaching out to amaZioni in places such as Pretoria, Kentani and Whittlesea.  We are excited to see how the Lord may choose to use these contacts.

Opportunity to Share the Gospel and Advertise the Bible Schools

The Road to Qamata

Two teachers and I (Jon) have been invited to attend an all-night meeting on October 13th.  It will be held by a graduate of ZEBS from the Qamata location.  We were told that many amaZioni churches will be invited to attend.  This will be a great opportunity first and foremost for preaching the gospel and also to invite Zion leaders to come study the Bible long-term at ZEBS.  We really encourage you to pray for us, that the Lord will use us there to be a witness.  Pray also for us as we make the two hour drive to get there and back.  Earlier that day the ZEBS class will be held for that location.

Preaching Opportunity

Last Sunday, I was given the opportunity to preach at Amalinda Baptist Church in Amalinda, just outside East London.  It is a very diverse church, ethnically, which made it a very rich experience.  As part of my sermon, I was able to present about the amazing opportunity ZEMA has with reaching out to the amaZioni.  A goal of ours is to raise awareness about this opportunity to evangelical protestant churches in South Africa so that they can partner with ZEMA in preaching the gospel and making disciples among the amaZioni.

Click Here To View Our  2012 October Prayer Calendar


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