An Opportunity to Share the Gospel…Which Led to Another…and Another

Not long ago I (Jon) was invited to go with one of our ZEBS teachers, pastor Lankethi, to visit his nephew at a local hospital.  It turned out to be the beginning of several open doors for preaching the gospel.  While we were visiting with him we asked if he knew about the good news of salvation.  Since he didn’t, we proceeded to share the wonderful message with him.  As we finished explaining, we looked around and saw that almost all the other patients in the room were trying to listen.  We decided to share the good news with all of them at once.

We then asked if anyone wanted to speak further about this message.  One very sick man, named Mr. Peter, asked us to come and speak with him.  Within the last few minutes that we were able to stay for the visiting hour, he prayed to accept Christ as his Savior.  The next day, we returned to speak with him further and left him with a “This We Believe” discipleship book and pastor Lankethi’s phone number in case he was released from the hospital so that he could reach us.

A few weeks later, Pastor Lankethi received a call from Mr. Peter.  When I was told that Mr. Peter was released and feeling much better I was a bit surprised because of how weak he looked at the hospital.  I was pleased to hear that he gave God the credit for giving him back his strength.  Soon after, Pastor Lankethi and I visited his home to see how he was growing in his Christian faith.  There with him in his home were his grandmother, mother and cousin.  Soon after we arrived we were given the chance to preach the gospel.  His very sick cousin who was lying in bed responded by placing her faith in Christ.

I am so glad we went that day because Mr. Peter’s cousin died a few weeks later.  Due to this, Pastor Lankethi and I returned again to comfort the family.  This time the house was full and we preached the gospel again.  This time two young women responded by praying to accept Christ.  We are so thankful for opportunities like this to see the Lord working as we simply obey his great commission to go and make disciples.  All of those people have been invited to attend the Zion church where Lankethi pastors.  We are also hoping to bring a “This We Believe” discipleship class to their village, which is called Ethembeni.  Please pray for the spiritual growth of Mr. Peter and the other two ladies from Ethembeni who placed their faith in Christ.  Our goal is to truly make disciples.

Click here to view the July 2012 Emanuelson Ministry Newsletter

One other thing we wanted to update you about is the exciting open door for radio ministry to the amaZioni that the Lord has opened in Swaziland.  The program is called “Trumpet of Zion.”  To read more, visit Trans World Radio’s webpage by clicking here:


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