2012 Easter Weekend

During April, the Zion Evangelical Bible Schools are normally on break due to the Easter season.  This is the time of year when many of the branches of amaZioni churches come together for a weekend of events.  For us missionaries to the amaZioni people, this presents a great open door to visit with some of the churches, to preach and share about the Bible Schools.  During this weekend we were very happy to have Pastor Mike McDowell, the missions pastor at Christ Community Church and Executive Director of ZEMA, come to visit with us and the Goosen family.  It was an exciting weekend packed with visiting church services.  Below is a slide show of some pictures taken during a few of the church visits and a video of a sermon I was able to give in Xhosa based on Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus found in John chapter 3.  This weekend was the first time I have given a sermon in Xhosa.  I give God all the glory for helping me.  As believers say in Xhosa, “UThixo uyasinceda” (God is helping us).

Click here to view the 2012 April Prayer Calendar

Click here to view the 2012 May Prayer Calendar


One response to “2012 Easter Weekend

  1. Great job, Jon! Your blog site is so interesting. I enjoyed the sermon very much. Melissa told me you are a very good at presenting the Gospel clearly. Love you and Lauren! Liesl is so cute!

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