Welcome 2012!

A new year of Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS) has officially begun.  This past week, Bible school classes were held in Keiskammahoek, Peddie and Fort Beaufort.  It was great to see all of the students back for another year of studying God’s word together.  It was encouraging to hear from a second year student in the Peddie class how his understanding of God’s word is really starting to expand.  It was also very exciting to see the students at Keiskammahoek attending ZEBS for the very first time.  Below are some photos taken at the new school in Keiskammahoek.

A New ZEBS Begins at Keiskammahoek

Keiskammahoek Zion Evangelical Bible School

We are also happy to tell you that in the beginning of the month we had a great ZEMA missionary conference at Sunbury Christian Camp.  It is so encouraging to see all the fellow ZEMA missionaries and to be able to hear what God is doing among the amaZioni throughout southern Africa.

2012 Annual ZEMA Missionary Conference at Sunbury

Click here to see ministry events happening next month:  February Prayer Calendar 

Click here to see our  December 2011 Newsletter


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