ZEFA Conference 2011

Continue to Pray for Our Family

Last Saturday, ZEMA hosted the annual conference for Zion Evangelical Fellowship of Africa, also known as ZEFA.  The purpose of ZEFA is to provide fellowship and accountability for Christian amaZioni.  There are over 6,000 separate amaZioni churches in South Africa alone and ZEFA aims to unite those who are accepting the truth of God’s word.  To join ZEFA, the leader of the church must complete either one year of ZEBS or a thourough course on Bible doctrine called “This We Believe.”  Along with this, each leader is interviewed by the ZEFA executive committee where their understanding of salvation through faith in Christ alone can be examined.

View from Sondela, Conference Location

Missionary Richard Akers Leading the Business Meeting

The conference this year was held in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  This is about three hours by car from where we are living.  It was a very positive time and God was definitely speaking through the preachers and teachers who shared God’s Word.  Something that greatly impacted me is the emerging quality of the African leaders who are helping teach at ZEMA’s Bible Schools and other ZEMA ministries.  We are seeing astonoshing fruit in the areas of Christian maturity in these people.  Robert Thunywashe is one example.  He started out working with fellow missionary, Richard Akers, several years ago and has also worked with a few others since then.  Mr. Thunywashe is not only teaching at ZEBS but is currently the President of ZEFA.  He is extremely sincere in his faith and concern for fellow believers and is soft spoken in his speech.  Not only are these fellow labourers very gifted teachers, they possess a genuine godliness that can only be traced back to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  God is working powerfully among the amaZioni, one person at a time.

Robert Thunywashe Speaking at the Conference

After one of  the times of preaching, five people (one woman and four men) accepted Christ as their Savior.  It is an incredible privilege to witness and report to you about how ETERNAL DESTINIES are being changed as a result of the preaching of the gospel here!  People are repenting of their sins and turning to the Lord.  Though much is being done among the amaZioni in three countries (South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique), so much more is yet to be done.  I encourage you to pray for this work among the amaZioni earnestly and daily.  Pray for all the missionary families that God would give us wisdom in daily decisions as the enemy is always trying to divide and prevent people from hearing God’s word.  Pray that we will be full of perseverance and continually growing in our walk with the Lord.  Pray also for the amaZioni, that all 15,000,000 would find Christ.


5 People Accept Christ as Their Savior


2 responses to “ZEFA Conference 2011

  1. Hi there neighbours, thanks for including us and sending the newsletter and blog link. Every blessing. John and Elizabeth.

  2. Thanks for the update Jon & Lauren. I’m at the MBI missions conference and I’m going to read part of this blog to my students!

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