amaZioni Youth Conference

ZEMA’s Bible Schools and “This We Believe” Bible classes are continuing to go forward here in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  These are two primary methods of ministry among the amaZioni.  Along with these, we have also seen the effectiveness of holding conferences focused on topics like leadership, marriage and youth. 

amaZioni Youth Conference ’11

amaZioni Youth Having Fun






The most recent conference we held was the Annual Youth Conference here in the Eastern Cape which took place June 18.  Here, many amaZioni youth met together in a town called Berlin.  The Bible study focused on the first couple chapters in the book of Romans and the youth were challenged to “Live for Christ.”

One highlight of this annual conference is the youth choir competition.  One important rule for the competition was that all songs must be Christ centered.  All of the choirs did a great job.   The whole event was a wonderful time of encouragement.  Click on the video below to see one of the amaZioni youth choirs.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us and ZEMA’s ministry among the amaZioni.

Click here to see our June Newsletter: June 2011


One response to “amaZioni Youth Conference

  1. Gloria Jackson

    Dear Jon and Lauren,
    I truly admire your determination to learn the language. I am praying specifically for that because I have trouble learning Spanish. I am saving all the videos and pictures to share with Westlake Christian Academy when we open in the fall again. This year each classroom will share the history and God’s work in a certain country and I chose South Africa. So I will be sharing about both of you and what God is doing there. Thank you for obeying God and sharing your lives with the amazioni. I will also be praying for the baby and Lauren. By the way, I’m hoping Christine’s husband may be getting a job at our school as a Bible teacher.
    I love you both and trust God will give you strength and JOY in the journey.
    Love in Christ,
    Gloria Jackson

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