Easter Weekend Among the amaZioni


It is common for an amaZioni church to have many branches in different parts of the country, and the Easter weekend is a time when the different braches often attempt to meet together.  This creates a wonderful opportunity for ZEMA missionaries to meet many amaZioni leaders at one place when we are invited to attend these Easter services.  For example, one of the church services we and a fellow ZEMA missionary, Luaan Goosen,  attended had amaZioni people from twenty-two different locations. 

As a team, we were able to visit four different services in three days.  Over the weekend, we were able to share about the “This We Believe” classes and the Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS), show the Jesus film, and begin building relationships.  While traveling, we were also able to see some beautiful scenery in the Eastern Cape.  Thank you for your prayers.  Hearts and lives are truly being changed as a result of hearing God’s powerful word.  To Him be all the glory!

Easter Sunday Service


Jesus Film – Easter Sunday
Traveling Saturday
Traveling Saturday
Luaan & amaZioni Leaders
amaZioni Good Friday Service
Good Friday – amaZioni Church

One response to “Easter Weekend Among the amaZioni

  1. Bob and Sue Heine

    Praying for you daily.
    How is the pregnancy coming along?
    May you guys be filled with the JOY of the LORD! Neh. 8:10

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