Arrival in South Africa

Thank you so much for all of your prayers.   After nearly 24 hours of travel, we arrived late Wednesday night.   Since then, we have had a few days to rest and spend time with Jon’s sister, Christine, and her husband, Kevin.  We thank the Lord for safe travels and a good transition.

At Sunbury Christian Camp

Today (Monday), is the first day of the annual ZEMA missionary conference, which is being held at Sunbury Camp.  This camp is operated by ZEMA and is located about 40 miles north of Durban.  It has been great to see all of the ZEMA missionaries in attendance and to hear about what the Lord is doing in each of their ministry locations. 

One missionary said that the amazing success he is seeing is not because of his own initiatives, but because of the spiritual hunger of the amaZioni there who are seeking his help with understanding the Bible.  ZEMA missionaries are blessed by the fact that many amaZioni are asking to be taught the Bible.   As we continue to get to know many of the ZEMA missionaries, we are so thankful to see how  humble, diligent and hard-working they are.  It is also great to see how well the missionaries are working together, which is certainly a factor of the mission’s growth and effectiveness in preaching the gospel and making disciples among the amaZioni.

On Sunday, Lauren and I will be traveling about seven hours north-west by car with the Kuehl family to Johannesburg.  They will be helping us get established in the country.  We also will be taking a rigorous Xhosa language course there for the next few months until we move to King William’s Town in March.  Thank you again for all of your prayers.  They are  greatly appreciated.


9 responses to “Arrival in South Africa

  1. Barbara Johnson

    So good to hear from you and see that you’ve arrived safely. You are in our prayers!

  2. Bette Jo ohmstead

    So good to hear that you arrived safely and have had time with Christine and Kevin. Duncan, Aidan and I will be praying for you. We enjoy reading the blogs and newsletters. It helps Duncan and Aidan see how God answers prayers.

  3. Jon and Lauren,

    We’re so glad to know that you’re there safe, and that the Lord is providing for, and establishing you there in South Africa! Get ready to dig in, and to to get blown away by the grace of God. You’re in for some gospel adventures! We know you’ll face opposition at times, but greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world! Blessings! – Scott C.

  4. Carl and family

    We are glad all went well in your travels. Praise God!

  5. Larry & Doris Peterson

    We’re so glad to hear from you that you are safely on the field! We admire you for your persistence in support raising and preparing for South Africa. Be assured of our prayers in the days ahead.
    We are enjoying our family from Belgium as they visit here for a couple weeks.
    The grand kids were really looking for snow, and they have really enjoyed the snow that came two days before you left.
    Doris and Larry

  6. Belinda Mares Nieto

    I feel so happy for you two, I thanks to God for the good travel.
    I will keep praying for you. May God bless you.

  7. So grateful to God for your safe arrival. We’ll continue to keep you in our prayers. Enjoy your family time!

  8. Hey guys, read your blog. It sounds like you are moving along right on schedule. It also sounds like learning a new language may be a challenge, however, one that you are eager to start and learn. I think of you both often and pray that you will be blessed as you are answering the Lord and what he has called you to do. Take care and I look forward to following your blog. x0x0x0

  9. Linda DiIanni-Emanuelson

    I am thinking of you both and glad the trip over was without incident! I bet it was great seeing Christine and Kevin. You are on our minds and in our hearts and I pray you stay safe and healthy. Dom and I are both going to Trinity this winter session! Love and hugs. Aunt Linda

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