Support Update & New Location

We are so blessed to see our monthly support on the rise.  Currently, we are at 92% of our required monthly support!  With just $550 in monthly pledges remaining, we feel we are very close to departure.  Pray with us that we will have our support in and be able to leave for South Africa this December.

We have been assagined a new location in South Africa.  Our original placement for our first four-year term was Johannesburg.  Here we were going to be mentored by Tim and Luann Kuehl.  Since Tim and Luann will be returning to the the States for several months on furlough this coming April, we have been assigned to new mentors and thus a new place in South Africa.

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We are now looking forward to working closely with and being mentored by Luaan and Susanne Goosen in King William’s Town, South Africa.  Upon our arrival, we plan to attend a 6 week language course in Johannesburg and then make the transition to King William’s Town for the remainder of our term.  We will still be learning the Xhosa language. 

Click here to read our November 2010 newsletter.


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