A Visit Home & Support Update

Friedens Evangelical Church

First, the visit home:  This past weekend we were blessed to visit Friedens Evangelical Church in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  I (Lauren) grew up attending this church so it was a lot of fun seeing friends and sharing about the ministry in South Africa.  Jon was able to share a message on how God uses His people to bring the “good news” to those who have yet to hear and understand it.   


Jon and Pastor Brandon

Now, the support update:  We have reached 81% of our monthly support!  We  are so thankful for God’s provision through the generosity of so many supporters.  This means that we can now work on setting a departure date.  We are waiting to hear back from the field on their recommendation so please keep this departure in your prayers.  Also, we need to raise the remaing 19% of our support before heading over to South Africa so please pray for the Lord’s timing and provision as we are hoping to have things fall into place soon.  




One response to “A Visit Home & Support Update

  1. Hi Jon & Lauren,
    Great to hear that everything went well with your travels to the new home base for you. Sounds like it’s going well. Keep us posted and if you have specific prayer requests for us to bring to the congregation just pass them along to me.
    God Bless,
    Nancy Hope your pregnancy is going well without too much morning sickness.

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