A Visitor from South Africa

With Nomkhosi at Church

Last week we had the privilege of meeting Nomkhosi, a visitor from South Africa.  While studying in the states this past year on a student exchange program, she was determined to research the history of the amaZioni churches in southern Africa.  She grew up in an amaZioni church and still attends when she is home.

While researching, Nomkhosi came across the ZEMA website and quickly e-mailed the ZEMA office.  In response to her e-mail, she was invited to visit Zion to meet ZEMA personnel, learn the history behind the amaZioni movement and find out how ZEMA ministers among the amaZioni. 

We had a wonderful day with her.  We were excited to learn that she is a Christian!  Sadly, many of the amaZioni do not yet understand the way of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  There are over fifteen million amaZioni in southern Africa and it is ZEMA’s goal to reach them with the gospel and train them in the Bible.   She couldn’t believe how God wants to reach the amaZioni since they are often looked down upon by many in society because of their superstitious beliefs.

With the formation of amaZioni college student groups in South Africa, an exciting new opportunity seems to be opening for ZEMA missionaries.   Recently, one amaZioni student group near Durban invited some ZEMA missionaries to come and teach a class on the basic teachings of the Bible.  Pray that more contacts will be made with amaZioni college students.


2 responses to “A Visitor from South Africa

  1. Hey guys,

    What a cool opportunity. Do you know where she lives in SA? I hope you guys can start university groups in Jo’berg. Do you have some ideas of ministries you are wanting to get involved in when you come?

  2. Great to see your update here, Jon and Lauren. Our prayers go with you daily.
    We had -13 temperatures here in Sugar Grove, IL last night. Envy your warmth there!

    Until later, may God lead you continually as you learn language and prepare for King William Town next month!

    Village Bible Church Missions

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