So, what does South Africa Look Like?

When people think of Africa there tend to be some misconceptions.  Each African country is distinct and different from the next.  We thought it might help to share some more pictures and videos of South Africa and the people who live there.  Included below are pictures and videos from our trip last year as well some that other ZEMA missionaries shared with us.  We are continually encouraged to hear reports about new Bible Schools starting and the sincere  appreciation for Bible teaching among the amaZioni.  ZEMA is now ministering through over 40 Bible Schools.  We are really looking forward to arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Please keep us in your prayers as we raise the rest of our support and prepare for departure.  So far, God has blessed us with about 75% of our needed monthly support.  As soon as we reach 80% we will be able to set a departure date.

To see two short videos which include testimonies from some Zion Evangelical Bible School students visit ZEMA’s webpage at


One response to “So, what does South Africa Look Like?

  1. Your website looks great! We continue to pray for you guys and have confidence that God holds you in his hands and has great plans for you. We look forward to seeing you soon in SA!

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