Recent opportunities to share about ZEMA

Recently, we have had some great opportunities to let others know about Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa.  More and more, poeple are learning about this exciting opportunity of helping the amaZioni learn the Bible.  It is going to take the participation of many in order to bring the gospel message and discipleship training that so many of the amaZioni are yearning for.

URBANA Missions Conference

Three weeks ago we were able to represent ZEMA at the Urbana Conference in St. Louis.  The purpose of this conference is to encourage young poeple to seriously consider cross-cultural Christian missions.  Along with this, they give mission organizations the opportunity to represent their ministries.  During this time, we were able to make some great connections. 

Church Missions Fair

  Most recently, we were able to represent ZEMA at a church missions conference near Chicago.  As part of our display, we constructed half of a rodaval (mud hut) with the help of Jon’s dad.  Along with this, we served Rooiboos (Roy boss)tea which is only grown in South Africa.  Many were very interested in the ministry.


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