About a year ago…

About a year ago we were getting ready for our month long stay in South Africa.  Our trip was a real affirmation for us as we traveled the country meeting many of the Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa (ZEMA) misionaries and seeing first hand the work they do.  Now, a year later, we are so close to returning!  This time as full-time ZEMA missionaries ourselves.  We are happy to now be able to share with you some of the video from that trip.  It might help to turn the volume up a bit on your computer.

When we visited South Africa we were invited to attend a prayer meeting at Pastor Khuba’s home.  Here is a video clip of part of that meeting.  You will notice there is a lot of people in a small room (a common occurance in South Africa).  We praise God that Khuba knows the Lord and is leading others in their knowledge of the Lord too.  This prayer group meets weekly at Pastor Khuba’s home.  We were blown away by the 9 year girl leading the group in song!  Wow!   

We were also able to attend a Zion Evangelical Bible School (ZEBS) class.  How wonderful it was to see students sing and dance their way into their seats.  During our time at this ZEBS Jon was able to teach a class on fellowship.  We felt very welcomed and enjoyed getting to know some of the amaZioni students.


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